In response to the thousands of refugees pouring into our city, Global Hope is establishing a refugee and food distribution center for women and children. Families, fleeing ISIS jihadist militants in Iraq, have abandoned their homes and all their belongings in search of safety.

Your generous gifts will be used to supply the following items for women and children escaping violence.

  • Food and water
  • Baby items
  • Medical care
  • Hygiene products

5.2 million

People are in need of humanitarian assistance

2.8 million

people are in need of food and basic aid


Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees are in need of shelter


women and children are captive by ISIS in need of rescue and restoration


displaced children are desperately in need of education



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Our world is facing the greatest humanitarian crisis in modern history. Hope4Iraq exists to be a compassionate, holistic and comprehensive humanitarian response to that crisis, offering hope and healing to the victims of brutality and violence in this conflict.

You can make a difference! Together we can do more, and more needs to be done. Through the collaborative effort of thousands of people, we can save lives and extend hope to the hopeless. Join the efforts focused on sending aid, providing education, extending compassionate care, and rescuing those trapped in violence. Together, we can write a different ending to this chapter in world history.


Hope4Iraq is the humanitarian aid campaign of Global Hope, responding to the displaced refugees from the south fleeing to Northern Iraq due to the ISIS/War activities. Over 100,000 people have relocated into the region where Global Hope has been serving for over 12 years and has recently finished the construction of the Freedom Center. The 25,000 sq foot center will be an aid and services hub to serve the displaced Muslim, Christian, and other ethnic groups not being serviced at this time.


After serving in Iraq for over a decade Global Hope is positioned to serve.


The ISIS crisis has created the Middle East’s largest humanitarian need in World History


Programs that Impact displaced people; Humanitarian Aid, Elementary Education, Frontline Soldier Care and Rebuilding Trafficked Women-In-Crisis




An estimated 2.8 million people require food assistance in Iraq. Most of Iraq’s wheat production comes from volatile regions in the northern part of the country and nearly all of Iraq’s water resources flow through areas under the control of ISIS and other armed groups, making access to food and water very difficult. Regular government food and supply rations have been disrupted by the conflict, affecting even those populations that are not currently displaced.

Today, more than 2000 families—nearly 100,000 people—have entered our district in the last 12 months. Geographical limitations and population saturation in the region’s largest cities have created supply shortages and distribution problems that have left many of these families with little or no assistance.

To date, we have served more than 100 families in 7 different make-shift camps with food and baby care parcels through the frigid winter months. As summer approaches, together we seek to serve more than 1000 displaced families with monthly food and hygiene packages. Each parcel provides a family of five with basic staples items needed to survive.

Join in and sponsor a monthly life-saving parcel for a displaced family in need.


Second only to safety and protection, adequate housing is the most urgent need for those displaced since the onset of the Middle East conflict. Entire towns and villages were destroyed, homes leveled, and families fled with only what they could carry. Many walked countless miles in search of safe haven. Some displaced families settled with friends and relatives. Others were forced to find shelter in unfinished or abandoned buildings, public and school facilities or informal settlements. Approximately 800,000 people are in urgent need of emergency shelter and nearly 1,000,000 people lack basic household and other necessary non-food items. Providing alternative and improved shelter solutions is a priority for Hope4Iraq. In anticipation of extreme weather conditions, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has led a coordinated effort within the international aid community to provide trailer homes to the region’s most vulnerable families.  Local manufactures are building single-family trailers complete with bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen. Camp infrastructure has been supplied by the city municipality, and the leaders of our district have requested assistance in the procurement of at least 100 trailer homes. Let’s do better than that!

Provide a house, build a community, and offer the hope and security that comes from a safe and peaceful place to call home.



More than half of all displaced people in this conflict are children. Now living in camps and abandoned buildings, tens of thousands of children sit idly with no access to education, productive activity or play. The joy and innocence of just “being a kid” has been lost to instability and uncertainty. More than 1200 of the region’s schools have been converted to temporary housing for displaced people, and now more than 950,000 children are in need of on-going education.  Ethnic and linguistic challenges make language-appropriate education nearly inaccessible.

But…here’s the good news! Through the Freedom Center, Global Hope’s 25,000 sq. ft. community and education center, we are providing the first and only school available to serve children from more than 2000 displaced families. 200 children are ready and waiting to get back to school, and you can help make it happen!

Sponsor a child’s education and give them a hopeful future.


As an official member of an international task force in Iraq addressing gender-based violence issues, we are developing comprehensive, holistic strategies for the rescue and rehabilitation of women suffering from honor violence and sexual exploitation in conflict. We are working with senior Kurdish government officials and other international agencies to provide the first residential aftercare home for countless of the region’s most vulnerable women. More than 3000 women and girls remain trapped in ISIS hands, being tortured and trafficked, without ANY hope of freedom and life beyond violence. Hope4Iraq is serving women who have bravely escaped ISIS brutality, and we seeking support to save hundreds more.

Enough is enough. Let’s stop the violence. Today, you can…when you sponsor a woman’s freedom.


Hope4Iraq partners have been granted frontline access to conflict zones to offer practical aid and encouragement to the men and women risking their lives to preserve the freedom of Kurdistan and the Iraqi people.  We’ve learned they are not just soldiers fighting a war; they are men and women who have families, jobs, hopes and dreams. They long for an era of peace and prosperity and they daily offer their lives to serve that end. Offering compassionate care to soldiers and their families has been the single most impactful activity of the Hope4Iraq campaign among members of the Kurdish community. Serving them has communicated that we love what they love and we care about what they care about. We show them that they are not forgotten in this conflict. To date, more than 500 soldiers have been feed and encouraged through tangible expressions of care and compassion.

Small acts of kindness aren’t small. Help today to bring hope to the soldiers and families directly impacted by this conflict.